Social Work

India is a country of Contrasts. Among the 10 richest people of the world, 4 are Indians and still we have over millions of people living on streets. It is the social disparity which creates the twin picture of our country in front of the world.

Social responsibility has its roots in the struggle for society to deal with poverty and resultant problems. Each one of us has a social responsibility towards the planet we live in, towards its environment and towards the humanity we are a part of. Social problems such as social inequality, injustice, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, women inequality etc. have been plaguing the society since ages now. Our responsibility towards our society is increasingly securing its dominance. India has potential and necessary resources to convert itself to a developed nation, the only need of the hour is to join hands for the common cause of humanity and understand the importance of being united and being able to stand up for each other and for the nation.

We at Economic Growth Society of India takes passion to regard this as our utmost duty to stand for this noble cause and give our long term commitment to work voluntarily not only with money but in person to uplift the scaled down masses and stand up for their rights. We believe this nation was emerged by GOD as a united whole and not as a parted chunk as it seems today and it’s more about ‘humanity’ than about the political boundaries to help people prosper and unite to the basic domain of growth and sustained development. When hunger cries, it doesn’t ask the political boundary. It is a well said fact, ‘ to achieve peace, harmony and ever –lasting growth and development, it’s important not only to light the candle of well-being in own house but also to light that up in neighbour’s house. Therefore, our organization has voluntarily worked in India as well as in Nepal and other neighboring countries too for social well-being. We train people to gradually sustain and scale themselves to be able to become better citizens. We have promoted many social workers and educated them to the needs of the common man and they have worked well in helping the masses to fight for their cause and goals.

We as an organization collectively thank and salute those who have made a difference to the society and are continuously thriving to make that impact. Among the ones associated with our organization are Dr. Jeanne Pere, Mr. J. C Verma, Dr. Palagiri Sudheekar, Ms. J. Raja Rajeshwari, Dr. K. Sunder Naik, Dr. Gopal Chandra Vaidya  etc