‘Education is the fourth basic necessity after food, shelter and clothing’

Education is the life blood of a successful and developed nation without which a nation can never prosper. It is rightly said to be the only wealth that cannot be robbed. Education sustains human values which contribute to individual and collective well-being, it dispels ignorance and disparity.

The statement ‘Children are the future of the nation’ stop making sense when in a country like our’s, more than half the number of children remain uneducated. Education plays a pioneering role in developing opinions, interpretations and decision making etc. At this standpoint, the question that triggers is - What is stopping us from attaining our educational goals? Despite of an increase in number of educational bodies and institutions, why does the number of uneducated people, remain the same?  To our understanding, it is the shifting focus of our education system from social to profitable direction, which deprives it from attaining its goal. Education now seems to be one of the profitable businesses for people rather than stimulating the social cause for which it had been remarkably important in the past. Infact, education system in India is creating more gaps between the have’s and have’s not as the one who can afford is getting its luxury and the one who can’t is still left at the mercy of its fate.

We at Economic Growth Society of India regard it as our duty to identify and address the needs of the society as a whole. We support and encourage the models of our society who has taken steps to address the concern. It is easier to sit in an Air-conditioned office and think about the problems plaguing the society but it takes toil in stepping out and being the single candle in the darkness. We promote and honour such diamonds of our society whose efforts make a difference but often go unnoticed and unappreciated in the stardom of our rich society.

It is well said, “Appreciation is a tool that can shake mountains”, we do that ‘Appreciation’ by awarding those who have turned the stones in their own way, by their simple and own means to educate the society and bring about awareness about education in the society. Our organization volunteers candidates to conduct camps and small programs to educate people and also facilitate the prospering candidates to various means of education by counseling and directing them to right hands. We have so far honored Prof Kishore J. Shinde, Dr. G.S. Verma, Dr. Sudha Sinha, Smt. Sushma Rani Chug, Dr. Palagiri Sudheekar, Sh. G.C. Nayak Prof. A.S Nidawani, Mrs. Amarjyoti K. Gohil & many more who have stepped towards this noble direction at their own sense of responsibility for their society.

We thank all our volunteers, participants, members and all the people associated to our organization who are working towards educating everyone to help people stand independently as we strongly believe, education is both the means as well as an end to a better life; ‘means’ because it empowers an individual to earn his/her living and an ‘end’ because it leads to a well balanced and informed livelihood.