Business relates to the state of being busy either as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially viable and profitable work. We define business in a new way, as a state of being collectively united for generating wealth and success for everyone, involved directly or indirectly and create prosperity for the nation as a whole.

India has made a considerable economic and industrial progress. An entirely new class of entrepreneurs have come up with the support system from the Government, and a large number of new industrial centers have developed in almost all parts of the country. Over the years, the Government has built an infrastructure required by the industry and made massive investments to provide the much-needed facilities of power, communications, roads etc. A good number of institutions were promoted to help entrepreneurship development, provide finance for industry and to facilitate development of a variety of skills required by the industry. Our youth have been quick at learning skills. We have therefore had no shortage of skilled manpower to cater to the growing requirements of industry.

Before Independence, the policy of the British Government was against encouraging industrial development in India. No incentives were offered to Indian industries for their growth. There were many desired and undesired hurdles placed in the way of the growth of Indian industry. Whatever industrial development took place in India was in spite of the negative and hostile attitude of the British Government. Credit must be given to pioneers like Jamshedji Tata, Walchand Hirachand, Lala Sriram, G.D. Birla and others, who laid the foundations of modern industry in India. There are many others in the modern day who are following their steps. Every big success is started with that very important first step, castles are build after laying down that first foundation stone. We at Economic Growth Society of India highlight and honour such laying foundations who dream big and aspire big success by continuously thriving hard to develop and prosper their nation and their community by entrepreneurship. A few of our associated entrepreneur members and guests who have been honoured and awarded by us includes Mr. Pravin Parker-MD, M/s Unicon Equipments, Mr. Abhay Gandhi-Founder Chairman-M/s Prashavanath Co-op Bank Limited,  Mr.Pawan Kumar Ruia-Chairman, M/s Dunlop India Limited,  Mr. Rahul B. Nair- Director, M/s Blaze Engineers, Ms. Nibha- Director M/s Prerna Service,  Mr. V. Krishnan- Chairman & Managing Director, M/s Arul Consultant Pvt Ltd, Imamsab A. Pinjar – Managing Partner- M/s Sai Developers, Anil Kumar Sharma and many more who have done their best in their specific fields and contributed to the wholesome development of the nation.

We respect and honour even a small step taken by an individual towards making this planet a better place for us and for generations to come!